How did Absolut Vodka, Colgate, Xiaomi, Buzzfeed use WhatsApp for their Branding, Sales, and Virality?

With its versatile and user-friendly features of instant messaging, multimedia sharing, contact addition and chat group creation, WhatsApp is probably the most popular messaging application across the globe, boasting 700 million active monthly users. As a networking platform, WhatsApp has opened doorways for communities and interest groups to connect with members with ease and share ideas.

How to Build your Brand on Twitter

Twitter, the micro-blogging and social networking site, is a goldmine for businesses who want to build their brand on social media platforms. As a brand building medium, Twitter is powerful as it offers businesses an avenue to share bite-sized, interesting pieces of content with their follower base. It is a great tool for direct interaction with your audience and online communities, networking with industry experts, generating relevant leads and directing traffic to your website. One brand that has effectively leveraged Twitter is Innocent – the U.K smoothie maker with over 200,000 followers, says that its success lies in responding to relevant tweets by followers, and posting re-tweetable content.

Building Traffic to Your Website: 10 Power Tips and Tools

Most online actions happen on the website of a company. Therefore big traffic goals are essential as it translates into multiple customer actions on the website, be it buying, downloading, subscribing or even making a simple enquiry. Having said that, it is quite a challenge to break away from the information clutter on the net and connect with target groups of the business. Building traffic is one thing, but traffic that matters to your business takes a multi-channelled effort.

5 Ways in Which Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business

From soft toys to iodine tablets everything today is available online. Blame it on the dependency or praise the advancement in technology, here we are today at ‘Everything is possible, THROUGH INTERNET’ state. With wider scope to approach audiences, everything has gone digital, including Marketing. And the very same Digital Revolution has come to the rescue of Digital Marketing through Marketing Automation.